Monday, May 23, 2016

Highly Responsive Police and City Services….We Have an App For That

Today we begin the roll out of SLMPD Mobile App, an application that lets you interact with city government and the police department the same convenient way you now browse for music, order a pizza online, get directions, buy a book or comment on a news story.

It does some important things.

The ALERT feature keeps you informed about time-sensitive events like general civic emergencies, and Amber or Saraa alerts. SUBMIT TIP allows you to quickly and easily report suspected criminal activity with the help of a drop-down screen, while giving you the choice whether to do so anonymously or by name. You can even include a picture.  A related tool, TIP CHAT, allows for two-way communication to follow up on any tips you submit.

The app also provides shortcuts that take you quickly to the department’s various social media sites, including our FACEBOOK page, YOUTUBE channel, the CHIEF’S BLOG, our TWITTER feed, along with INSTAGRAM and PERISCOPE.

But perhaps the most interesting feature is one that recognizes that crime-fighting goes far beyond the specific issues of deploying police officers. This feature, the CITIZEN’S SERVICE BUREAU, puts the full range of municipal public services in scrolling distance of your fingertips.  Anything the city does for its citizens, you can find here – animal control, fire inspection, parks, recreation centers, recycling, permits, street lights, trash removal, tree trimming, water service and more.

Linking all these functions together is more than just a matter of convenience. It’s also a matter of principle: it's good government.

The services to which your residency entitles you are meant to work together.

The problems we encounter in a modern major city like St. Louis are complex. They have many causes, and they often require multi-faceted solutions.

For example: when someone notices drug activity in a public area, bringing police to the scene is only part of a successful response. To stop the problem from recurring, we may need to do several different things, like removing graffiti, repairing street lights, clearing away branches, coordinating long-term prevention efforts with the parks department, etc. That means many different units of government pursuing the same goal, working together, and sharing information, both with the public and with each other.

This new app will also create a permanent, open pathway to make the process of asking questions easier. Clicking on OUR OFFICERS will let you explain why we failed to meet your expectations – or allow you to tell us how we met them.

There are 320,000 people in this city and 3,000,000 in the Greater St. Louis area. I hope this new technology can be a force that pulls us all closer together…we have an app for that!

Links to Download:


  1. Thank you for finally getting the app cz to me it's another way to get police officer in a convenient way instead of wasting taxes on the 911 emergency line and taking up time of the dispatcher whom might be trying to help someone in Emergencies,againg thank you

  2. Thank you for finally getting the app cz to me it's another way to get police officer in a convenient way instead of wasting taxes on the 911 emergency line and taking up time of the dispatcher whom might be trying to help someone in Emergencies,againg thank you

  3. This app is a privacy catastrophe. It requests access to all your contacts, pictures, videos, location, call history, and permission to modify the contents of your SD card. I MIGHT install it if that nonsense is fixed. Until then, it's carte blanche for the police to hoover up all your personal details without a warrant.

  4. True - but we need a metro gun / gang team of St Louis city and county police. It's do to the thugs do not see city / county lines of authority.

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  6. Why is something like this post on the Chief of Police's blog? It doesn't make any sense that spammers trying to commit fraud on unsuspecting people that may not realize it is a lie, would remain here for almost a year without being removed. I'm quite shocked.

    I also don't understand why the most recent post is from 2016! Why would I ever trust an app that probably hasn't been updated in that amount of time either?

    Suggestion: Keep the blog current or take it down. It's okay if you don't have time to do it, but it doesn't look good just to be dropped. Incomplete, undone, forgotten... that's not the kind of thing you want to project. Just a friendly note.

  7. I agree...This is a good app and I don't understand why communications just dropped it :(