Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving: My Message to Employees

The last several months have been a busy and emotional time. Everyone has worked hard and performed well in some very stressful situations.

During normal times we would be preparing for a holiday, giving thanks and spending time with our family and friends.

This year things are different. This year we are charged with the responsibility of providing the safety for those who call St. Louis home during a particularly trying time in our history.  

Even though this is a busy and unprecedented time, please know that your efforts are producing results.  It's a very old story in law enforcement that you never get credit for what you prevent.  Still, you know and I know that whatever has happened and whatever will happen next, this city is immeasurably safer with you on the job, more than it could ever be without you.  Civilization is a fragile thing.  It takes thousands of years to build and only moments to place in peril.  The people who protect it in those moments are called the police. 

One thing about extraordinary circumstances like these, is that they leave no doubt for what, and to whom, this city should be thankful.  So let me be the first to say what millions of people are rightly thinking.

Thank you all.  Thanks for everything you do, for everything you risk, for everything you sacrifice, for everything you endure and for everything you accomplish. 

During this holiday our time at home will be limited, but I want to take a moment to thank you for the job you do and to wish you and your families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Chief Sam Dotson


  1. DNA in Case No. 1222CR0-5611-01 Micheal Houston wasn't found at the crime scene ...

  2. You and you're cops are a bunch of racist pieces of shit. When is your madness going to end? When are you gonna stop murdering people? When are you going to stop lying to the public just to cover up your crimes? What's it gonna take to get you pigs to stop your reign of terror? I'm betting as soon as people start killing cops your ass will reevaluate your shitty behavior.

  3. I am embarrassed for all of the police officers in the St. Louis area. Because of the Michael Brown incident in which a thug who robbed a store, attacked a merchant, and was intent on killing a police officer, you are turning a blind eye to the murder of an innocent white man near Ferguson. He was beaten to death by three thugs with hammers because he was white. To say there is no evidence that he was targeted because he was “Bosnian” is insulting to anybody with any intelligence whatsoever. He was targeted and murdered because he was white. Instead of standing up for what is right you did what is easy. You and your comrades have succumbed to the racist agitators and the political pressure and have now proven that the police in St. Louis are impotent. I wouldn’t come near your city ever again for fear of my own life.

  4. Why, Why doesn't Obama take 30 seconds in one of his TV appearances to tell the rioters the judicial grand jury found no evidence to charge the officer, therefore, you all are guilty of numerous law breaking......
    In addition, Brown at no time had his hands up, his resistance and physical attack on the officer led to his death. His actions and his alone resulted in his death. Moreover, the players crossed the line influencing all those who watched with distrust against the grand jury and justifying the looting and rioting. If they want to support the community loosen up some of those huge salaries to rebuild what has been destroyed.

  5. Please explain to me and the public WHY the Zemir Begic murder is not being looked at as a hate crime. Have we talked to the persons that said the kids were yelling "kill white people" prior to the murder?