Monday, November 25, 2013

Memorial Highway Dedication Luncheon Honoring Sgt. Jeffry Kowalski & P.O. Daryl Hall: My Remarks

 Thank you all for being here to mark this very special occasion. 

One of the interesting things about being Chief of Police is how often it makes me feel proud of other people and humbled in myself.

The simple fact is: this job puts me in contact with a lot of heroes and a lot of heroism every day and today is no exception. 

These signs honor two men who knew where they were going, who had the courage, who took the risks and who made the ultimate sacrifice in public service.

So as you drive down the highway - surrounded by the noise, the bustle, the billboards and the pressing need to figure out where you are going - please…pause and take a moment to notice a sign bearing the names of Sergeant Jeffrey Kowalski and Police Officer Darryl Hall.

These two officers joined a list that is always too long and never to be forgotten, adding their names to the names of our fallen: names like Merriweather, Strehl, Stanze, Barwick, Sloan, Branson, Jerabek, Brown, Moore and Haynes.

As Patton reminds us: "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank god that such men lived."

Today our purpose is simply to show our thanks, and express our humility for the way Kowalski and Hall lived.

And that is why we honor them with a dedication to something that is both public, and permanent. 

Public…like the nature of their service. Permanent…like the light of their shining example.

Thank you Sergeant Kowalski, thank you Officer Hall and thank you to the families who shared them with us.

And thank all of you for being here and caring enough to show these men a small part of the thanks they deserve.

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