Monday, September 16, 2013

Courage, Wisdom & Leadership

Last week, by the narrowest of margins, the Missouri General Assembly avoided an action that would have made a mockery of the U.S. Constitution and made our jobs as police officers nearly impossible.
I have written and spoken publicly about my strong opposition to House Bill 436. Indeed, so has almost every other law enforcement leader and public safety official in the State of Missouri. Yet, on the evening of September 11, Missouri stood a vote away from overriding Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the bill.

Two extraordinary public servants, Senate President Tom Dempsey and Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard, demonstrated the courage, wisdom and moral leadership to look past any short-term political expedience and did what was best for the citizens of Missouri. They voted not to override the Governor's veto of House Bill 436, and chose instead to start again from the beginning, in order to give Missouri a different, better bill.

Courage, wisdom and moral leadership.  That's what this State needed last Wednesday, and in the commendable action of Senators Dempsey, Richard, and their colleagues, that's exactly what it got.

As a police officer and as a citizen, let me simply say, Thank you!

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