Friday, August 30, 2013

Message to "Ride of the Century" Motorcyclists

During the weekend of August 30 to September 1, 2013, up to 3,000 motorcycles will congest various areas within the St. Louis region for a gathering and group ride called the “Ride of the Century 2013”.  In previous years, this event included thousands of local and out-of-state participants – many using modified “sport” or “stunt” bikes to perform dangerous stunts on public roadways, block traffic and taunt law enforcement.

In a blatant disregard for their safety and the safety of others, motorcyclists commonly perform stunts in the middle of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, creating hazardous driving conditions and often causing accidents. It is common for riders to block highways as well as travel the wrong way on roadways and ride through grassy medians to evade law enforcement. During the 2012 event, group participants blocked I-70 in the downtown area in order to perform various stunts, unlawfully hindering interstate traffic.

Throughout the Labor Day weekend, law enforcement expects an increase in calls for service and on-view incidents connected to this event, as participants travel throughout the area. Motorcycles without proper registration and/or insurance, or motorcycles involved in the commission of other vehicle related violations will require the arrest of the operator as well as the towing of the motorcycle.

In an effort to combat this reckless and dangerous behavior, officers from St. Louis City, St. Louis County and troopers from the Missouri State Highway Patrol will work together along with the Missouri Department of Transportation in a coordinated approach to keep riders and the motoring public safe.

Bottom-line, the St. Louis region is a great place to live. It welcomes groups of all types to enjoy all the city has to offer in a responsible and safe way without putting others at risk.

The message to motorcyclists visiting St. Louis this weekend: welcome, but obey the laws of the road.


  1. How can you say "Welcome" when your officers have arrested innocent riders who happened to be in the same group as some riders performing "stunts?" This is harassment, and a minor form of domestic terrorism. I have a few co-workers who were completely legal, yet afraid to ride home for fear of being harrassed, maybe even arrested. An effective way to solve the whole problem, dare you admit that you have been going about it all wrong, is not to lye and use media propaganda to brew public hate for motorcycle riders, but instead use the media to inform the public of the time and route which this annual event will take place. Encourage the public, including non-supporters to use an alternate route if they wish to avoid this event, as well as escort the ride, which usually travels at around 55 mph and doesn't result in nearly as many injuries as you lead many to believe. It is my opinion that Labor Day weekend was the worst weekend to host this event, seeing that the roads will be much more crowded with traffic because of the holiday. I encourage you to please open your mind to the idea of this event being an amazing time if law enforcement joins and riders join together to effectively carry out this amazing event rather than battling against it. I think you are doing more harm than good. Thank you.

  2. ...Might I add, quit punishing people for creating "risk" of harm. Punish the people who actually create true harm.. Creating "risk" is not a crime. Everything great or gratifying we do in life involves some sort of risk. Attempting to eliminate risk from life is like attempting to eliminate water from the earth.

  3. If I remember right, the creators of the ride of the century tried to work together with local law enforcement for this years ride, and the police refused. Goes to show you what the police are all about, its not safety or any of the BS they try to convince the public of. Its an Us vs. them mentality they have regardless if you break any laws.

  4. i stopped once, it was horrible. i strongly do not recommend.

  5. Thank you officers for your hard work in this situation. The bottom line is the founders of the Ride of the Century need to take responsibility for their participants, own up to their part in encouraging the irresponsibility of those riders that perform the stunts and behavior that put other drivers lives at risk, and stop the ride until they can straighten things out. Their failure to do that to this point is evidence that they don't really want this ride to be anything other than what it is - a danger to the riders and everyone else around them.