Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday, the U.S. Senate failed the American people. I am extremely disappointed in their actions, and I’m not the only one. They failed not only the people of St. Louis, but those in Newtown, Aurora, and Tucson when they blocked legislation that would have improved the background check system and assist in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable --- a process that 90 percent of Americans also support.

 As you all have heard me say numerous times since beginning my journey as Chief, keeping the citizens of our city safe and reducing crimes in our neighborhoods are my first priorities. I believe that implementing a more effective background check system and closing loopholes in established gun laws is a positive step towards achieving this goal. Unfortunately, a majority of the Senators feel differently.

President Obama called yesterday, “a pretty shameful day for Washington.” Yesterday’s decision in Washington will trickle down to affect our city. Our officers will continue to battle violent offenders who have easy access to the guns and the opportunity to commit crimes.

Although this defeat in Washington is a significant one, I, along with local, state and regional leaders, medical professionals and community partners, will continue our fight for stricter gun laws to keep us safe.


  1. I do sympathize with you Chief, guns in the wrong hands will only continue to raise the death toll of innocent people and stricter laws need to be enforced in this area if America is to be somewhat safer. And just as you stated and I quote you "the U.S. Senate failed the American people. I am extremely disappointed in their actions, and I’m not the only one". Unquote. You are right and you are not the only one and with that being said let’s focus on your departments. Rumors are running rapid around the STL city and county as well that you are planning a layoff when in fact you promised a change but no layoffs. If you plan on laying people off I stand with you and hundreds of others do as well. But please be fair without racism being shown in anyway. I trust you as our Chief and so far 100 days has been good, you are doing a good job. I also feel with many others that you need to evaluate MANAGERS and SUPERVISORS positions in the department that need to be terminated this is where 99% of your both wasted budget and unfairness to the civilians who work hard to keep the STLPD together and the department has to many managers that don't need to be. Many of these managers have painted poor pictures of you to the civilians telling them "YOU" are allowing them to make choices in who to layoff under them. This has caused a great depression for many. And if you allow managers to do so you will have more difficulties in the department ever in history. Threats and suicide rates will grow. You have areas of the department that needs to change, radio repair manager is awful and inexperienced, and fleet needs to be looked at. The police department should take control over radio repair and instead of managers and supervisors allow the LT of the dispatchers to have radio repair under him, this will save over $100,000.00 right there. Move install in radio repair to fleet and you save another $90,000.00 I do budget and I have helped many departments across the many miles to save and repair in my day. You got to many Chiefs and no Indians, and it's time you make history as a man of both respect and change and so many are standing with you I am one of the many who will blog about. And with this said, how can you speak of disarming the American people of weapons that kill while in the wrong hangs when right here at home, "THE STLPD" needs to be disarmed of it's paralyzing, hypocritical, deceitful, prejudice and lack of respect and honor for both the department, self and civilians. This is what you call a weapon on human mass destruction and only you as Chief can rule it out and disarm it to make out city and the STLPD safer.
    I holla at you later.
    Your #1Bloggie

  2. Well said Belly Babiez I agree entirely with ever word you said and I hope the Chief sees this. I personally have witness so much corruption. Management needs to be looked at and that man over at radio repair is awful I personally have heard him use the N word on many occasions saying all N needs to be working as cleaners and he chuckles.And his buddy over in buildings is as worse I have heard him call people out of their name and verbally curse them as well in how to clean. People complain about these people all the time but what is done and what can be done especially when you have buddies and close friends covering each behinds. Managements is horrible and if managers get a chance to pick who to layoff it will get nasty. I am hearing these rumors as well. So for whatever it's worth I pray I have a job in a few months because I know I am not welled liked because I don't kiss butts. LOL