Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lumiere Place Donation

At yesterday’s Board Meeting, Jeff Babinski, Vice-President and General Manager of Lumiere Place, presented the Department with a $100,000 check. This generous donation is just a fraction of the millions of dollars Lumiere Place has dedicated to improving the City of St. Louis. It is community partnerships like this one that continues to make St. Louis a great place to live, work and visit.

Lumiere Place’s $500,000 donation to the Department, to be paid in $100,000 increments for 5 years, will assist us in implementing hot-spot policing tactics and safety initiates in and around Downtown St. Louis. Downtown is not only a great neighborhood to live and work, but also attracts countless numbers of visitors each year, and it is the responsibility of this Department to ensure their safety.

We are grateful for our many community and business partnerships and support. Partnerships like the one between the Department and Lumiere Place gets us that much closer to reaching our main goal of reducing crime and helping our citizens feel safe.

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