Thursday, February 28, 2013

Honoring Bravery, Courage and Dedication

I witness acts of exceptional police work on a daily basis. Some happen on the streets of our neighborhoods, and others happen within divisions throughout the police department. The men and women of this Department constantly impress me with acts of bravery, hard work and selflessness…and it is important to stop and recognize their efforts.

Tonight, I will award the Chief’s Letter of Commendation to 38 officers and civilian employees for various acts and services. The Chief’s Letter of Commendation is historically awarded “to those who perform an act of intelligent and valuable police service while demonstrating special faithfulness or perseverance through highly intelligent police performance.”

I will also present Service Awards to four officers and one civilian employee. This award honors employees who have served 35 to 40 years with the SLMPD. What an amazing achievement.

The employees being honored tonight have set a high standard of excellence and are great examples of tireless service to not only the Department, but also to the citizens of St. Louis.

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