Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Call No Police Chief Wants to Answer

Last night, I received the telephone call that no Police Chief ever wants to answer.  Two officers had been shot and were being transported to the hospital for treatment.

One officer, a 31- year old female, with 6.5 years of service, was shot in the foot.  She was treated and released from the hospital.  The other officer, a 26-year old male who has been on the force 2 years, was shot in the upper thigh.  He was admitted to the hospital overnight for observation and is expected to be released later today.  

The officers were doing the job that we ask them to do daily, when they encountered a 44-year old armed male suspect, who had no regard for their lives.

It happened around 10:45 p.m., when the officers responded to the 900 block of Elias for a panic alarm sounding inside a residence. Upon arrival, the officers walked towards the rear of the residence, when the suspect emerged from the basement door and without uttering a word, fired several shots at the officers.

The officers returned fire, striking the suspect multiple times. The suspect was conveyed to a local hospital where he is listed in critical/stable condition.  A loaded semi-automatic handgun was recovered as were narcotics packaged for sale.

My first thoughts were concerns for the officers and their families.  Are the officers going to be ok? What would I say to officers?

Upon learning of their conditions, I was extremely grateful that the injuries sustained were not life-threatening. The officers were in good spirits, and I reassured them that without a doubt, their training, intuition and quick thinking saved their lives. I am confident that these officers will recover and will be back on the streets of St. Louis protecting our citizens.


  1. Update: The male officer who suffered a gunshot wound to the upper thigh has been released from the hospital and was able to return home. We are grateful for the outpouring of community support.

  2. Another blessing indeed, but you shouldn't want to get not only calls like this but any call where anyone is involved in a crime, rather gunshot or discrimination in the department. See all the crimes around you and not just the ones that come by phone. You will see more crimes like this if the STLPD is not sanitized of discrimination, bosses abusing their title and police offers who are breaking laws behind a badge. Until this is cleaned, let me say this, you need to prepare a large amount of body bags. Our city is going down and given a bad name due to so much corruptness in the departments. I know you can not change the entire city problems but you can began with your own area and help with the cause. If a person is not qualified for a position in the department move them and make the necessary changes to clean up, and if an officer is said to be anything but upholding the law make the necessary changes to send him on a hike. People will have move respect for law enforcement when respect is given. If you want to make a change while in office as Chief, start sweeping around your own front door. I do keep you in my prayers because you gonna need it to clean this mess up.