Monday, January 7, 2013

Open Communication Builds Valuable Relationships

Improving communication within the Department and with the community is one of three priorities moving forward. It is important to me that we communicate regularly and openly about critical issues and the future of the Department. 

In a relatively short time, I have already begun an open dialogue with the leadership organizations within the Department, including the St. Louis Police Officers Association, the Ethical Society, the St. Louis Police Leadership Organization, the Civilian Union and the Department’s new Leadership Team. 

While personal conversations with our leadership groups are very valuable, I understand the importance of meeting with our employees face to face. The commissioned and civilian employees are the backbone of our Department.  They ensure that we deliver the very best in police services to our citizens each day and remain focused on making our citizens feel safe by reducing crime.

I have invited all of our employees to an Open Forum on Wednesday, January 9th at Police Headquarters. 

This forum will give employees time to provide ideas and feedback directly to our new Leadership Team.  Strengthening the relationships within our organization is critical to our success as we prepare for the changes ahead.  This forum will give us the chance to openly discuss the future and participate in constructive dialogue about a shared vision for the future.

I am always open to new and innovative ideas that will increase our organization’s efficiency, improve morale and the way we do our jobs.  My hope is that this forum, and those that follow, will provide our employees the opportunity to provide me with feedback as we begin to mold the future for our Department.

I’m looking forward to having similar dialog with our citizens at open community forums in the near future.  

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  1. Well put Chief. If your words are your bond, you should have been Chief long before now. You have great respect for the people as a whole and this is very important. Stay true to your words and stand firm on what you speak for the people it's like an American Chief Dream for the STLPD. My prayers are with you because you will need them to run this Department and with the help of those in the Department you will do well. I thank God for a Chief with spunk. :)